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How are Ferrite Cores Used in Electric Vehicles?

The emergence of electrical and hybrid vehicle have seen a tremendous growth in recent years. With its increasing popularity, e-vehicles have caused major shift in the Indian automobile sector. The increased demand has extended the focus far beyond physical components and towards quality components used in their intricate electronic systems. Within these complicated designs and circuits soft ferrites play a significant role in shaping efficiency, performance, and reliability of various EV subsystems.

What do we understand about Soft Ferrites?

Soft ferrites are cores composed of ceramic material called ferrites. It is combination of iron oxide combined with other elements like manganese, nickel, or zinc compounds. The combination is often tailored according to specific applications requirements and offers unique magnetic properties.

Which ferrite cores are used in Electrical vehicles? 

Nickel-Zinc (NiZn) & Manganese-Zinc (MnZn) are two most widely used ferrites in EVs.

  • Nickel-Zinc (NiZn) – Nickel Zinc Ferrites have high electrical resistivity compared to other ferrite materials and work efficiently at high frequencies. These temperature sensitive cores significantly contribute to low energy losses due to eddy currents. When compared to its MnZn counterpart, NiZn ferrites offer lower permeability. 
  • Manganese-Zinc (MnZn) - Manganese-Zinc (MnZn) ferrites are well suited for applications that require high inductance and have medium to low frequencies. They are suitable for components like inductors and transformers in the power electronics of electrical vehicles.

What are different shapes of ferrites cores used in EVs? 

  1. E-cores - These cores resemble the letter E and have a central core with two arms. They are engineered to minimize magnetic flux leakage and are commonly used in transformers and inductors for power conversion applications. These cores offer simple bobbin winding along with easy assembly but not have a self-shielding feature. 
  2. I-cores - I cores are well suited for high power operations in lesser spaces or unusual form factors. These cores offer superior voltage isolation and have low leakage due to long leg. 
  3. Toroidal Cores – Toroidal cores are donut-shaped cores also known as ferrite rings. They offer the benefit of high magnetic efficiency and high resistance to any external magnetic fields applied. Toroidal cores are small in size and exceptionally lightweight. 
  4. U cores -U cores offer higher power in less space and are used in power transformer applications. They are advantageous as they offer low leakage inductance and promote superior voltage isolation. 

Where are soft ferrites used in EVs & Hybrid Vehicles?

Soft ferrite cores have excellent magnetic properties. Their low core losses and high permeability help EVs in achieving high charging efficiency. Common range of applications include:

  1. Battery management system - A BMS ensures that the battery is protected and operates within safety limits. Soft ferrites are used in battery management systems to boost their operations.
  2. Wireless EV Charging – Wireless EV chargers do not require plugging in the car to the grid. They use soft ferrites for magnetic flux guidance and self-shielding. 
  3. LED Lights- Ferrite cores are used in LED lights of EVs to filter the block or reduce high frequency current up to a large extent. 
  4. Tyre monitoring systems – Tyre monitoring systems alerts when the tyre pressure is too low or when there are unsafe driving conditions. Soft ferrites help improve the efficiency of the tyres with a high level of slip resistance. 
  5. Car Security system – Car security systems use ferrite cores in the antenna coils. The cores offer low losses with high magnetic permeability and remain stable against thermal fluctuations. They are durable solution for energy saving, safety, security, comfortability and most importantly miniaturization. 

What Cosmo Ferrites offers?

Cosmo ferrites is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of soft ferrite core for all Electric and Hybrid Vehicles. We offer a diverse range of ISO accredited cores that are thoroughly tested for quality standards. With strong focus on product, process, and parameters we at Cosmo ensure delivery of high-quality ferrites to our customers along with continuous product up-gradation.

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