About Cosmo Ferrites

"With a workforce of over 300+ individuals with diverse backgrounds make Cosmo Ferrites a pioneer company of Soft Ferrites manufacturing in India."

  • Ferrite Cores Manufacturer


  • Ferrite Cores Manufacturer

    ₹ 1005 Million ($12.50 Million)

  • Ferrite Cores Manufacturer

    3600 MTInstalled Capacity

Global Network

With more than three decades of expertise in soft ferrite cores production and high quality standards, Cosmo Ferrites has marked its presence across the globe. It's our commitment towards the quality and service to our customers that our products are exported to more than 50 countries. With a wide distribution network and presence across Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America and Oceania, Cosmo is a well known brand in power electronics industry.


"Striving to become market, product & quality Leader in soft ferrites cores in the power electronics Industry."


"We shall endeavour to be an organization which delivers outstanding customer service, respects all individuals working with it and always encourages Initiative & innovation."

Ferrite Cores Manufacturer

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Cosmo Ferrites offers its customers a wide
range of soft ferrite products for their applications.

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Client Testimonials

We are satisfied with the quality of the goods from Cosmo Ferrites Limited. deliveries have always been on time and delivery times have met our requirements.
We are also satisfied with the service and support and the response time to any queries has been excellent. There have been no complaints about Cosmo Ferrites Limited products in the last year.
In summary, we are content with the goods and can recommend Cosmo Ferrites Limited as a supplier of ferrite cores.
We thank you for the good co-operation and support.

Anna Switulla


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the unstinting support that you have provided us during the pandemic times. 

Your support has enabled us to serve the nation ( many medical equipment/devices ) use our cores for the power supplies, and we would like to thank you especially for the times when you have gone out of your way to supply the ferrite cores essentially needed.

We look forward to the same support to achieve greater heights together with you in the coming times.



We have a long-term relationship with Cosmo Ferrites. We use the ferrites produced by them without problems in many applications in the industrial sector, where the quality and reliability of the product is very important.

We hope to continue our fruitful cooperation in the coming years.

Mr. Michele Zignol


We would like to mention that in last one year, our company has been very much satisfied with your timely deliveries and quality during tough time of COVID. We want to appreciate your team for fast delivery of samples for our upcoming projects. It would be a great honour for us to have become our major supplier of Ferrite Cores.

We are really thankful for giving us support for our production and R&D.; We acknowledge and appreciate your services. We look forward to have such excellence in near future as well.

Mr. Manoj Sobti

Shree Shyam Components

We would like to inform you that, during last year, our company has been quite satisfied with your timely deliveries, quality, and supply especially during this tough time of the pandemic. We appreciate your team for the quick delivery of supplies as per our requirement for production.

lt is a great honor for us to be associated with you as a major supplier of Ferrite Cores. We thank you for giving us support for our production and acknowledge and appreciate your services.


We look forward to your continued patronage in the future as well.

K.T. Kuruvilla


Cosmo Ferrites Ltd has been an important partner in Prismatic’s journey to becoming one of India’s best-known manufacturers of Transformers, Chokes & other magnetic components, and has been a key supplier of our requirements for over 20 years.

Throughout this time, we have had excellent interactions with various members of your team and received excellent support on technical, commercial, and delivery aspects.

We trust you will continue to maintain the customer focus and take this opportunity to wish you and the entire Cosmo Ferrites team the very best in your ongoing journey.

Rajiv Pandit

Prismatic Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

We at Marshah are very happy with the support and execution by the team at Cosmo Ferrites. Mr. Nitesh and Mr. Pramod from Sales and Mr. Pankaj from Production have helped us execute a crucial order for a new client during the pandemic. Right from sampling to the order completion stage, the support has been incredible. Their effort further strengthens our relationship and market penetration. Keep it up!

Akshay Butani

Marshah Industrial Electronics Co. Pvt. Ltd.

We have developed a great partnership with Cosmo Ferrites over these years and the Ferrite cores supplied by them has made a significant difference to our business. We have seen lesser rejection in our production line and are satisfied with the quality of the product too. We highly recommend Cosmo as a trustworthy supplier of the ferrite cores.

Total EMC Products Ltd

Birmingham, United Kingdom

We would like you to know that Macro Group Ltd. had been extremely satisfied with the co-operation and we highly appreciate your support.

Earlier we were hesitant in buying from India due to the longer lead time, but it’s been 2 years with Cosmo Ferrites and you have proved us wrong. Cosmo has an excellent product quality with short production lead time. Using your products has allowed us and our customers to become more competitive in the market. Your products and services have helped us to strengthen our position in our region.

We really appreciate our co-operation with your organization and believe that this will bring more satisfying results in coming future.

Zheukhin Aleksandr


I have personally 26 years of uninterrupted experience with Cosmo Ferrites’ products and out of which 21 years is exclusively for the North American market for my customers based in the USA, Canada, and Mexico and also in Asia like Hong Kong. We used the product to make our own assembly and also supplied to our customers in unassuming volume by marinating their KanBan, JIT requirements.

We have trust that any new difficult design requirements of the projects will be met. Quality or capacity is the last thing I worry about. They have grown and innovated consistently and have the widest range to choose from. Customer service and engineering support is of unmatched quality. 

Mr. Manoj Tyagi

ART - American Ronda Tech

We would like to thank you & your team for your excellent service of Quality product within desired timeframe during the past transactions, we are really impressed by the timely Support that you have been provided. This has been greatly helping us to complete our target given by the Surya Top Management on time & ultimately achieving our customer satisfaction.

We are very hopeful that you will continue to do So in the Calendar year 2022. We wish you a very happy new year from entire Surya team

Mr. Shubham Chamoli

Surya Roshni Limited